25 2016-07

New product 2016-2 -- Fluorometer

The Fluo-100 Fluorometer is a dual-channel fluorometer for your personal quantitation work. Designed to provide highly sensitive fluorescent detection when quantifying nucleic acids, the compact instrument is simple to operate. The Fluo-100 Fluorometer is offered with preprogrammed settings for Allsheng version Dye Systems (dsDNA, RNA and ssDNA Systems) to quantitate nucleic acids and offers the flexibility to create customized methods and quantitation settings for other fluorescent dyes.
25 2016-06

New product 2016-1 -- iCEN-24 High Speed Centrifuge

We spent 2 years to develop the iCEN-24 high speed centrifuge. Now we have completed to develop and start to sell it from this month. We add a new product for the centrifuge series from this month. Because the motor of the iCEN-24 centrifuge is made from Germany company, the quality is very well.
25 2016-01

Allsheng's 10th Anniversary Celebration

Allsheng celebrated its 10th anniversary on Jan. 8th,2006. We carried out a series of activities for celebration.
In the evening of Jan.15th, Allsheng 10th anniversary celebration dinner began. The whole stage used flowery lighting effects. Allsheng team gives many different performances to show their own specialty, such as dance, chorus and sing. All makes an impression to us.The wonderful game show during the dinner also brought everyone happiness. The dinner is very relaxed and active.
15 2015-12

New English Version Website

We completed to edit the New English Version Website:
English Version's website:
Chinese Version's website:
10 2015-11

Welcome to Hangzhou Allsheng Instruments at ArabLab 2015

23 - 26 March 2015 Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center, UAE Booth No.882 The famous laboratory analysis instruments exhibition in the world--- ArabLab 2015 was hold in International convention and exhibition center in Dubai.
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