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What is a dry bath?[2015-11-16]
Dry bath is something you spray on your animals to prevent using water while bathingthem.
How the Centrifuge use for Synthesis of materials?[2015-11-16]
High gravity conditions generated by centrifuge is applied in the chemical industry, casting, and material synthesis.The convection and mass transfer are greatly affected by the gravitational condition.Researchers reported that the high-gravity level can effec...
what's mean certrifuge?[2015-11-16]
For spin direction in quantum mechanics, see Spin (physics) Spin direction. A centrifuge is a piece of equipment.
What is Glass bead sterilization and how does it work?[2015-11-16]
Right off hand uv rays are bad. actually very bad so they kill living things when exsposed to the light nothing for glass yet give me a, inute.
Are there any differences between rotary shaker and orbital shaker?[2015-11-16]
There is no difference other than the way they shake, but that small difference does have a big impact on certain organisms, such as actinomycetes. The way it shakes affects the amount of oxygen that the organism uses. 
What are the minimum values for the relative centrifugal force?[2015-11-16]
The lowest rotational speed that can be set for both centrifuges is 800 rpm, equal to approx. 50 x g. 
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