Product Model: Nano-100

Product Name: Micro Spectrophotometer

  • The Nano-100 is a perfect full-spectrum, UV-Vis spectrophotometers used to quantify and assess purity of DNA, RNA, Protein and more.
    The Nano-100 utilises CCD detector, a Xenon light source for long lifetime lamp together with simple software. Simple pipette 0.5~2μl sample onto the pedestal, laying down the sampling arm, it can complete the measurement within 7 seconds.

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  The Nano-100 is a perfect instrument for micro-volume UV-VIS spetrophotometer. It can accurately measure DNA, RNA and Oligonucleotide concentrations, protein assays etc.. The Nano-100 utilises CCD detector, a light source for long lifetime Xenon lamp, together with simple software. Simply pipette 0.5~2μl sample onto the pedestal, and the measurement can be completed within 5 seconds.

                Adding sample                                   measuring sample                           quick  and easy cleaning

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01 AS-11010-00   Nano-100 Micro-Spectrophotometer, DC24V 5W


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iCEN-24 high speed centrifuge with 24-place capcity rotors are the new designed for the laboratory centrifuge. Their speed of up to 15,000rpm(21,400×g) allows for molecular biology applications in 0.2ml,0.5ml,1.5/2.0ml and PCR tubes. Both models have the soft-brake funciton to protect sensitive samples.
Nano-400A ultra-micro nucleic acid analyzer is an instrument used to detect the concentration and purity of DNA and RNA. The sample size required for each measurement is only 1.0 to 2ul. User can directly add the sample point to the template without colorizing cup or capillary accessories.
1. The Nano-300 is a perfect full-spectrum, UV-Vis Micro-Spectrophotometer based on Nano-100 with full range of wavelength (200-800nm).
2. The Nano-300 added a new function of bacterium cell concentration test (OD600).
3. The Nano-300 uses 7 inch touch screen and is integrated with Android system, which do not need connect to a computer.

The APW-100 Microplate Washer is easy, convenient and versatile to use for washing microplate in ELISA assays.
1. Low residual liquid, each well≤0.5ul
2. Compatible for microplates: flat, U, V, C bottom
3. 4.3 inch color LCD display, easy to operate
4. Wash parameters can be set to make sure the best washing effect
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