Product Model: TSR-200

Product Name: Test Strip Reader

  • The TSR-200 Test Strip Reader is a handheld rapid test reader, designed to scan and provide objective digital read-out results for membrane-based lateral flow immunochromatographic assays.

    The TSR-200 can make rapid, high sensitivity--in qualitative, semi-quantitative, fully quantitative measurements for immunochromatographic reagent kits.

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TSR-200 portable Test Strip Reader is a compact design and extremely small reader. The reader is your solution for customized colorimetric tests. It can make rapid, high sensitivity--in qualitative, semi-quantitative, fully quantitative measurements for immunochromatographic reagent kits.
TSR-200 Portable Test Strip Reader is capable of reading up to 5 lines evaluating the Lateral Flow Colloidal Gold test cassettes and strips. The data can be saved using USB port or can be printed by the reader.
Easy to use and high accuracy
1. 6.2 inch touch screen for TSR-100
2. Powerful program design, it is easy to be used
3. Patented design offer good solutions guaranteed and excellent results
4. Each testing result is available to check and it can show the graph of the result
5. Build-in or external thermal printer
6. Rapid instrument calibration
Customization acceptable 
1. Equipped specialized software of different test strips, increase or decrease detection program according to the manufacturers requirements
2. Support customization according to user needs
3. Test card and test strip for user flexible choice
4. Desktop and portable for user choice:
   TSR-100 Desktop test strip reader
   TSR-200 Portable test strip reader
Remark for Test Strip Reader
1.Test strip reader must match the test strip, cooperate with the manufacturer of test strip
2.Support customization according to test strip manufacturer needs
3.Fluorescence detection must be provided excitation wavelength, emission wavelength and life of fluorochrome
Detection principle
Standard test strip structure as right picture, these equipments detect sample positive or negative (concentration) by measuring reflection of light intensity of T and C line.
These are also suitable for some test strip with several T lines. The TSR-100 can test 5 T lines and the TSR-200 can test 4 lines

Small footprint and easy to use
The TSR-200 reader is a compact designed hand held device. With the TSR-200 you are faced with a professional small instrument for rapid and automated analysis. It's ideal for meeting the needs for reliable in-the-field drug of abuse and point-of-care testing.

-- Customs Inspection
-- Environment Monitoring
-- Food Safty

Code            Description
AS-12020-00     TSR-200 Portabel Test Strip Reader, DC9V 1.5A (Standard: Adapter S-200)
AS-12021-01     Adapter C-200 for TSR-200


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