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Focus on the innovation and industrialization of products in the life sciences field to provide customers with efficient, optimized, and high quality biological detection solutions.

The company will continue to innovate and develop new technologies, optimize product structure, and improve service awareness to strive to build the company into a manufacturer of life science field with advanced technology, cost advantage, first-class products and good international competitiveness.

Hangzhou Allsheng Instruments CO., Ltd.

Focus on laboratory and life science instruments

Company Mission:
Through Allsheng technology, products and support, help customers strengthen and improve laboratory testing capabilities.

Company Vision:
Committed to becoming a domestic first-class and world-renowned supplier of life science instruments for global laboratory instruments and automation solutions.

Core Value:
Diligent, conscientious, pragmatic and innovative

Diligent: tirelessly industrious
Conscientious: rigorous and conscientious
Pragmatic: pursuit of effectiveness
Innovative: continuous innovation

Commitment to customers:
All there for you

Hangzhou Allsheng Instruments Co., Ltd. founded on January 17, 2006 and located in Hangzhou, China, is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on providing solutions for life science research, medical diagnosis, and drug research and development. Currently, there are more than 70 authorized patents and 14 software copyrights.

Our company attaches great importance to product research and development. The research and development team accounts for more than 30% of the company’s total staff. After 15 years of research, development and technical precipitation, it has constructed a biological sample nucleic acid protein purification technology platform, an automated workstation technology platform, biological absorption light, fluorescence and luminescence testing technology platform, and developed a series of other laboratory conventional instrument products. At the same time, the research and development of molecular biology reagents has been started in recent years. Not only does it independently master various core technologies, but also keeps up with the development trend of life and health, and launches new products that meet market needs. In the future, our company will devote itself to using its advanced technology and accumulated experience in the fields of automated workstations, detection and analysis instruments and reagents, to provide researchers with automated solutions in various fields, and to achieve full automation from sample preparation to result data analysis.

Under the background of digital economy era, our company is building an IoT platform of products. Allsheng Instrument Cloud, featuring "cloud instruments, cloud analysis, cloud data, cloud laboratory, and cloud sharing", will provide customers with more flexibility personalized products and customized services!

Main product categories:

1. Conventional laboratory equipment: dry bath incubator, thermo shaker incubator, centrifuge, sterilizer, sample concentration, etc.

2. Biological sample pre-processing (nucleic acid protein purification processing) equipment: homogenizer, all kinds of automatic nucleic acid extraction equipment

3. Biological sample quality control instruments: ultra-micro spectrophotometer series, enzyme-linked immunoassay analyzer series, fluorometer series, immunofluorescence analyzer series, capillary electrophoresis series.

4. Automated pipetting workstation: Automated NGS library preparation workstation, liquid handling workstation, etc.

5. Molecular POCT detection equipment and reagents: under development

Our company always adheres to the core values of "diligent, conscientious, pragmatic and innovative", always adheres to market-oriented, technology-supported, taking honesty, trustworthiness and the highest standards as the fundamental principle, and continuously improves R&D technical strength to provide customers with the most optimized biological experiment solutions, committed to becoming a domestic first-class and world-renowned life science instrument intelligent manufacturer of global laboratory instruments and automation solutions.

  • Customer Success

    Committed to customer satisfaction and success

  • Focusing on Innovation

    Focusing on innovation that has an impact on customers and the company

  • Efficient Dedication

    Pursuing speed and efficiency, advocating dedication

Allsheng Life

A group photo of internal training in April 2013

Allsheng Life

Staff dinner activities

Allsheng Life

Love the staff, warmly accompany, we spend the new year together. Spring Festival expressing sympathy series activities

Allsheng Life

International Women’s Day (March 8)

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Honor and qualification of Allsheng

ISO 13485 certificate

ISO 9001 certificate

Allsheng won micro biological sample pre-processing equipments
municipal high and new tech enterprises

Allsheng won the science and technology inspection award

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