Auto-Pure 4800

Automatic Nucleic Acid Purification System

  • Pipetting/Nucleic acid extraction/PCR system construction
  • High throughput, high efficiency, high precision, fully automatic

Wide range of applications

Used in CDC medical, molecular diagnostics, reagents research and development, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine etc.

  • Nucleic acid extraction is based on the magnetic bead method. During the extraction process, the pipetting, lysis, washing, elution, and PCR system construction can be done automatically in the workstation. One-stop operation, without manual intervention, can extract 48x1mL samples at the same time

Fast and flexible experiment

pipetting samples - nucleic acid extraction - PCR/qPCR system construction - pipetting extraction samples
48 samples, the whole process only takes 50-60 minutes
Bottled or prefilled reagents can be selected for extraction according to actual needs
Modular design of the plate holders can be customized the different forms of table layout
50-60min Modularization

High-precision liquid pipetting

1+2 pipettors combination can meet various needs of sample, extraction reagent and PCR reagent 

The pipettor’s air pressure liquid level detection technology can not only detect the height of the liquid level, but also empty suction, residual liquid volume and blockage detection

Detailed pipetting parameter settings for different liquids can effectively improve accuracy

Effective cross-contamination prevention

Safe and reliable
Effectively reduce the risk of cross-contamination during the extraction process

  • Air displacement pipetting principle avoids liquid contamination/Anti-hanging drop technology avoids dropping contamination/Negative pressure filter system prevents aerosol contamination/Full coverage UV sterilization exhaustively cleans the work table

User Authorization Management

User independent account and password

Easy-to-learn operating software

Graphical user interface makes program settings easily completed.

Detailed Operation Log

The operation log can record the whole process of the instrument operation

Open software setting

Open software designing, can be suitable for matching most of the magnetic beads extraction reagents




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