MSC-3000 Thermo Shaker Incubator

MSC-3000 Thermo Shaker Incubator

MS-3000/MSC-3000 thermo shaker incubator is a comprehensive upgrade to the existing instruments. Different from the common setting of instrument parameters through poly domes, it uses a 4.3-inch color LCD screen combined with a graphical operation interface to give users a better experience. Various program editing options, such as shaking start time, cycle steps, heating rate, etc., help to find the best experimental conditions.
Convenient module replacement method, only need to flip the module handle to quickly replace the module. In addition, new thermo lid accessories with a magnetic port design can effectively improve the temperature uniformity in the test tube, avoid changes in the concentration of reagents in the test tube caused by liquid evaporation and condensation, and ensure the stability of the reaction conditions.
MS-3000/MSC-3000 will also be able to expand the 4G module, which can monitor and record the operating status of the instrument in real time through the mobile APP, providing a new way for data recording and traceability.

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  • Stable performance and long service life

Microprocessor control, good temperature control linearity, accurate shaking speed, small fluctuation

DC brushless motor drive, long service life, maintenance-free

Built-in over-temperature protection device, more reliable to use

  • Excellent performance, precise temperature control

Full power heating can be selected, and the highest 3℃/min heating method can also be selected to prevent the experiment from failing due to uneven temperature changes

Optional thermo lid accessories, effectively improve the temperature uniformity in the test tube

Optional full power cooling, or up to 1℃/min cooling

  • Multiple block choices, faster block loading and unloading

Various blocks are available, and can be customized

New designed method of block loading and unloading, blocks can be replaced without tools

  • Open design, more comprehensive program setting

Various heating methods, you can choose the appropriate method according to the experimental needs

The shaking method can be set according to requirements, and both forward and reverse rotation can be set

Program continuous operation function, multiple programs are connected to each other, no need to set repeatedly

MSC-3000 low-temperature storage function, the program is completed, and the samples can be automatically stored in low-temperature

  • Smarter and easier to use

 4.3-inch color LCD screen display, intuitive and easy to operate

Power failure self-recovery function, the device can automatically resume 

operation according to the original set procedure after power failure recovery

Various standard sample blocks are available, and the blocks can be automatically identified

The instrument will be equipped with a mobile phone APP for real-time monitoring of instrument status 

Reliable structure and stable operation 

Model MS-3000 MSC-3000
Display 4.3 inch touch screen (capacitive type) 4.3 inch touch screen (capacitive type)
Temperature control range RT +5℃~105℃  0℃~105℃
Temperature uniformity ≤0.5℃ ≤0.5℃C
Timer range
1min~99h59min 1min~99h59min
Temperature control accuracy ±0.5℃(@30-50℃) ±0.5℃(@30-50℃)
Display accuracy ±0.1℃ ±0.1℃
Shaking speed 200-3000rpm 200~3000rpm
Heating time (25-100℃) ≤15min (RT 20℃~30℃)
≤15min (RT 20℃~30℃)
Refrigeration time(detected at 25℃ ambient temperature)
—— ≤20min (Ambient temperature ≤20℃: 20℃~0℃)
≤20min(Ambient temperature ≤25℃:RT~4°C)
≤20min (Ambient temperature ≤30℃:RT~10℃
Heating rate gear Max; 3℃/min; 2°C/min;1℃/min; 0.1℃/min Max; 3℃/min; 2°C/min;1℃/min; 0.1℃/min
Cooling rate gear Max;1℃/min;0.5℃/min;0.1℃/min ——
Program number 50 50
External port USB: program related, printer; 7Pin socket: thermo lid USB: program related, printer; 7Pin socket: thermo lid
Shaking amplitude
3mm 3mm
Dimension(mm) 318x154x220 318x154×220
Weight 10kg 10kg
Order Information
Code Product description
AS-02090-00 MS-3000 Thermo Shaker Incubator for Tubes
AS-02080-00 MSC-3000 Thermo Shaker Incubator for Tubes


Code Type
Max. Temp
Max. Speed 
AS-02081-01 MateB0.5mL 24 x 0.5mL tubes 
105°C 200~2000rpm
AS-02081-02 MateB 1.5mL 24 x 1.5 mL tubes
105°C 200~3000rpm
AS-02081-03 MateB 2.0mL 24 x 2.0 mL tubes 105°C 200~2000rpm
AS-02081-04 MateB 0.5mL+1.5mL 15x0.5mL+ 20X1.5mL tubes
105°C 200~2000rpm
AS-02081-05 MateB 5.0mL 8 x5mL tubes
100°C 200~1200rpm
AS-02081-06 MateB 12mm 24XΦ12 mm tubes
105°C 200~2000rpm
AS-02081-07 MateB Cryo 24 x 1.5ml/2.0ml Cryopreservation tubes 105°C 200~2000rpm
AS-02081-08 MateB 15mL 8x15mL tubes (Both flat bottom and cone bottom can be used)
100°C 200~1000rpm
AS-02081-09 MateB 50mL 4x50mL tubes (Both flat bottom  and cone bottom can be used)
100°C 200~1000rpm
AS-02081-10 MabeB Lid

Block lid

AS-02081-11 MateB Plate-1
96x0.2mL microplate 105°C 200~3000rpm
AS-02081-12 MateB Plate-2 96x2mL deepwell plate 105°C 200~1500rpm
AS-02081-13 MateB PCR-96 96x0.2mL PCR plate 105°C 200~2000rpm
AS-02081-14 MateB PCR 384 384 PCR plate 105°C 200~3000rpm
AS-02081-15 MateB DWP 500 96/500 μL deepwell plate
105°C 200~1500rpm
AS-02081-16 MateB DWP 1000 96/1000 μL deepwell plate
105°C 200~1500rpm
AS-02081-26 ThermoLid Thermo lid

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