Bioprep-24R Homogenizer

Bioprep-24R Homogenizer

Bioprep-24R is your solution for sample preparation and cell lysis. The reliable, fast and high-throughput homogenizer to extract DNA, RNA or proteins from animals, human and plant tissues, micro-organisms, spores, bones, etc. Grind and homogenize a large range of biological samples, compatible with any analysis of DNA-RNA electrophoresis, liquid chromatography, western blot etc.

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  • “3D Rotating High Speed Motion” for quick disruption of those fibrous tissues and resistant cells

  • 50 programmable memory settings and user optional condition settings

  • A wide range of rotation speed settings from 4 to 7 m/s, increment 0.05m/s

  • Brushless motor realizing no brush particle generation

  • Easy to remove sample tube holder and fix sample tubes

  • Easy to monitor the disruption process through the clear lid

  • Simultaneously homogenize:

     Bioprep-24R 24*2ml tubes or 12*5ml tubes

  • Disposable tubes ensure no threat of cross-contamination or sample degradation

  • Bioprep-24 vigorously and uniformly shakes the tubes providing an efficient, consistent, highyield and quality homogenization usually in 35s or less

 Type  Bioprep-24R(Cooling Function)
 Display  OLED
 Speed range(m/s)  4.00m/s~7.00m/s, increment 0.05m/s
 Speed range (rpm)  2430rpm -- 4260rpm, increment 10rpm
 Cycle duration  1s -- 90s, increment 1s
 Pause time  1s -- 90s, increment 1s
 Cycle  10
 Programmable  50
 Samples  24x2ml/1.5ml or 12x5ml grinding tube
 Acceleration time  <4s
 Deceleration time  <4s
 Noise  <70 db
 Power  150W
 Dimensions (W×D×H)  300×500×360mm
 Weight (kg)  40.0kg
 Power supply  AC100~240V, 50/60Hz
 Temperature range -10℃~40℃
 From RT. to 0℃ <30min
 Temperature uniformity ±2℃
 Cooling method Compressor refrigeration
Order Information
Code Description
AS-13030-00 Bioprep-24R Refrigerated Homogenizer
AS-13011-01 Rotor for 24x2.0ml
AS-13011-02 Rotor for 6x5.0ml
AS-13011-03 2.0ml grinding tube 
AS-13011-04 5.0ml grinding tube 
AS-13011-05 Φ1.4mm ceramic beads
AS-13011-06 Φ2.8mm ceramic beads
AS-13011-07 Φ3mm metal beads
AS-13011-08 Φ6mm metal beads
AS-13011-09 Φ0.2mm glass beads
AS-13011-10 Φ0.5mm glass beads
AS-13011-12 Φ3.0mm glass beads
AS-13011-13 Φ1.4mm metal beads
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